chris wind
Chris Wind


Chris Wind
chris wind has an A. Mus. (piano) and an A.R.C.T. (composition).

She composes in several genres: classical (mostly for solo piano, but also for solo viola, solo cello, and solo flute), new age (simple but elegant solo piano pieces, a series of solos for sax, and two duets for piano and flute), electronic (soundscapes for a series of photographs), and spoken word (social commentary collage pieces).

Her pieces have received airplay in Canada, United States, Australia, Sweden, France, Holland, Russia, Switzerland, Poland; The Art of Juxtaposition was #11 on CKLN's Top 30 for 1988. 

Several have been  included in several anthologies (Fobia, Spain; No Dub, U.S.; EBU's Xmas Compilation, West Germany; Best of Fool's Paradise, Belgium; Gajoob Samplers #1 and #8, U.S.; Colere Unus, Canada; Art Radio International, Canada; Missing Link Music Sampler II, U.S.; Tapeworms #10, U.S.; The Ontario Electronic Tape Project, Canada).

Her music has also received concert performance in various cities in Canada, most notably by saxophonist Paul Brodie;

She has presented papers at the Canadian Electroacoustic Community conferences (1987, 1988) and published articles in Musicworks and Contact, and was featured in Canadian Composer (1992).